24 hour ticket only          £25 per Angler.

We only book a maximum of 4 anglers at one time, so there is always the opportunity to move swims to get on the fish.

All swims to be paid and booked in advance. 

Please give us a call on 07799 877724 to have a chat and arrange your booking.


To ensure everyone's safety and enjoyment on site and to protect our fish we respectfully ask that the following rules are followed

* Cars parked only in the designated parking areas. All cars parked at the owner's risk. Willow Fisheries accepts no responsibility for loss or damage

* All children to be accompanied by an adult

* No keep nets to be used on site unless under match conditions

* All fish to be landed with a landing net. Landing nets, slings and Matts are provided.

* Rods never to be left unattended

* No fixed rigs 

* Barbless hooks only

* No Braid

* No wading (very deep water in places) 

* No Bait boats

* No carp sacks

* No fishing near overhead electricity lines

* All litter to be removed from site. Fisherman are responsible for removing any litter found in or around their swim. 

* Willow Fisheries reserves the right to search the belongings and vehicles of users of the site

* All fish are the property of Willow Fisheries and are NOT to be removed from site under any circumstances. All fish to be returned to the water as soon as possible after landing. Whilst we appreciate everyone likes a good photo, under no circumstances must fishermen stand with the fish

Any contravention of these rules will result in a life ban and will involve prosecution in the event of theft of the fish